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Breakthrough thinking for innovation

Raise Your Innovation Quotient

When it’s time for everyone to share a common language and approach to creative problem solving and new ideas, here’s a proven solution.



A 1 or 2-day Workshop that Offers

4-step creative problem solving process. Tools to clarify, ideate, develop & implement. An “Idea Protocol” for growing new ideas. Application to real organizational challenges.



Breakthrough Thinking for Innovation

This highly interactive workshop introduces the mind-set, tool-set and skill-set necessary for innovation to become a reality in the workplace.



Experience a content-rich session that is highly engaging, provides participants with a creative problem solving framework and offers practical tools they can use to solve organizational challenges. Participants will learn tools for clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing and have the opportunity to apply these tools to real challenges, such as filling new product pipelines, customer satisfaction, increasing sales, reducing costs and other business issues.



Participants Rave!

Meetings are more productive

Teams leverage best thinking

Creative ideas on demand

Problem solving that leads to action


Outcomes We Have Seen

More patents

New product improvements

Faster time to market

Cost savings identified

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