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Improvation™ Workshop


Using proven communication, collaboration and improvisation techniques to enhance teamwork, build problem-solving skills and fully explore opportunities

In order for groups to work together effectively & creatively, barriers must come down, intelligent risk taking must be fostered and lines of honest communication must be opened.

Improvation leverages specific improvisation activities and exercises that are designed for groups that want to play, learn, create and ultimately innovate (and who doesn’t want that!). The activities and exercises are structured to introduce laughter, adventure and play, unleashing a supportive climate that nurtures and supports creative thinking. Problems are solved faster, opportunities are fully explored, and deeper relationships are created. 

Come learn how to integrate specific improvisation exercises and activities into your next creativity and innovation training or facilitation session. Be prepared, to move and laugh, laugh, laugh!

Improvation activities are structured with 3 levels 
    Level 1:  Activities that help people be present in the moment                  
    Level 2:  Activities that help people really listen (to themselves, to    

   a partner, to their team)

    Level 3:  Activities that help people create authentic encounters and



Benefits include: 

  • Improved listening skills, listen to hear, not just respond. Go beyond the "uh-huh"

  • Enhanced "creative confidence".

  • Learn how to utilize the principle of “yes and” to promote innovative thinking and build trust within teams and with clients

  • Revel in ‘mistaking’ – celebrate the surprise victories that occur when what you wanted to happen was not what actually happened. 

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