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Ideation Design and Facilitation

A facilitated ideation session is an opportunity to get the best and brightest thinking in one room – in one day. The laser focus of a facilitated session is designed to let people explore—both broadly and deeply— specific challenges and walk away with a critical mass of innovative, workable ideas and high-potential concepts. 

We are experienced ideation facilitators having designed and successfully delivered sessions for organizations around the world.

Typically our ideation sessions are focused on:

  • New product development

  • Product naming and positioning

  • Leveraging technology

  • Cost optimization


Prior to the session, we will consult with your core team to clarify objectives and success factors. We will then design a session that includes engaging pre-work and  state of the art ideation techniques and tools that get results. After the session, your ideation team will receive documentation of the outcomes.


A recent participant said, "I truly enjoyed you extracting the most out of the group. I don't think we've ever had a session that was as productive and generated interesting and usable ideas at that level."

- Director, Major Financial Services Firm

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