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The Art of Facilitation

This training program creates a cadre of expert in-house facilitators who can lead and effectively guide groups to clarify challenges, spot opportunities, generate an array of creative ideas, develop robust solutions and help groups create clear plans for implementation. Participants leave this facilitation skills training with the individual skills necessary to create and facilitate sessions that deliver creative. During the training, participants will expand their toolkit of tools and techniques especially useful for creativity sessions, plan and facilitate a real creativity session that addresses real organizational challenges, and they will receive personal coaching and feedback.  A range of tools and techniques are provided, along with a process to use when designing and running group brainstorming sessions to make them more effective and efficient.  At program’s end, participants master the creative process to such a degree that they can lead others through it successfully.  As a result, organizations gain full-time access to in-house creative problem solving and brainstorming facilitators.  


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